The APPW 2024 Local Organising Committee is preparing an exciting four-day program featuring the most prominent international leaders in the field. A large proportion of oral presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts. Poster sessions will complete a dynamic and innovative program that will bring together leading researchers, clinicians and technologists from across the globe.

Have a look at the overarching program structure for the APPW 2024. You can expect a cutting edge program that not only presents world-renowned speakers on the latest research but also gives you time to explore the tropical Cairns region.


Detailed Program Now Available

Please click the link below to view the APPW 2024 Workshop Program


Program at a Glance

The program will feature presentations from the following themes:

  1. Biochemistry and Cell Biology of the MHC I pathway
  2. Biochemistry and Cell Biology of the MHC II pathway
  3. Structural and Biophysical Studies of Antigen Presentation
  4. Cross-presentation: molecular, cellular, and functional aspects
  5. Non-Classical MHC presentation
  6. T Cell Antigen Recognition
  7. Identification of MHC ligands: Biochemical and Bioinformatic Approaches
  8. Antigen Recognition by B cells and Antibody Responses
  9. Antigen Presentation in Cancer
  10. Antigen Presentation in Allergy & Autoimmunity
  11. Antigen Presentation in Infection
  12. Antigen Presentation in Vaccination and Immunotherapy


Detailed Program

See the full APPW 2024 Workshop Program here.

Poster Listing

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Invited Speakers

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